My “Mommy” New Year Resolution!

A New Year symbolizes a new beginning and a clean slate to work, and so making New Years Resolutions to yourself is an exciting way to start the year.  My goals in life are different now that I am a mom, and with it I find that my New Years Resolutions are adjusted differently as well. This year’s New Years Resolution is all about being able to manage my roles as a mom and a partner while at the same time being able to keep my identity and independence as a person.  So, to welcome 2013, I have come up with a List of my “Mommy” New Year resolutions that will help me find that balance between my roles, managing my homelife, and improving myself as a person.

Here are my Ten New Years Resolutions in no particular order:

1) Spend more time outside! - Ever since the seasons have changed I’ve been avoiding the outdoors.  It actually depresses me, especially since I used to take walks with Emma every day.  However,  going outside now has become a huge ordeal, mainly because it requires putting layers of clothing on and dealing with Emma’s resistance to winter clothes all together. So, to supress my guilt, I have decided that for the New Year I will make a bigger effort to go outside, even for a five minute breather, everyday, despite the layers of clothes and all.

2) Give up stressing over doing thing - I find that I have developed stress over everything.  Sometimes, I have a hard time going to sleep, because I am over-thinking, over-analyzing, over-planning.  In the New Year, I would like to stop stressing about the process of doing things, but rather just do them, and get them off of my list.

3) Decluttering – Jeez, I know this one.  I think every home knows it too. Both of my girls’ closets are held hostage by clothes that are too small for them and need to be put away.  I have been delaying this process forever, but I am finding the more I delay, the more clothes are piled on. So I aim to not only clean up the clothes and set the closets free in the New Year, but to keep it that way all year round.

4) Reclaiming the living – Alyssa’s and Emma’s toys have taken over the living room.  It has become a toy room and a disorganized mess.  And rather than cleaning it up properly, I am finding short cuts and hiding the mess (mainly by using Emma’s playpen for storage purposes, rather than for her to sit and play in).  I read an article on decluttering toys, and the tips were really common sense stuff.  Get rid of broken toys, toys no one plays with, toys that have been outgrown or forgotten, and leave only things that the kids actually enjoy playing with. This year, I would like to use these tips to clean up these piles of toys and reclaim the living room back!

5)Take more time for meal planning – I love to cook, and have lots of recipe books that I used to go through each time I planned a meal.  Realistically I no longer have time to sit for hours going through recipe books, but the constant scrambling to get dinner on time, and running from the kids to the stove, has given me a lot of anxiety, and I end up making the quickest meal possible, and not necessarily the most nutritious. So for the upcoming year, I would like to give myself a bit more time with planning meals that are quick but also healthy.

6) Get to bed early – I’m sure most parents can relate to the lack of sleep, and although it’s true, having children, does create for this lack of sleep, I don’t think however, that they are the sole reason for my lacking sleep.  We put our kids down around nine, but get to bed passed one.  Even if Emma, who is under one, sleeps through the night until 7 am, That is still under six hours of sleep, which is still hard to function with daily. My New Year resolution is to get more sleep this new year, and I believe that should start with getting to bed earlier.

7) Pick my battles with husband, and avoid unnecessary fights - Lack of sleep + Stress = a bickering couple.  It’s almost silly what we can fight about, but I think there are lots of arguments that can and should be avoided.  We may not always see eye to eye, and sometimes he may be coupletely wrong, and I can be completely wrong too.  However I think that it is important to pick my battles and let go of things that are just not worth the fight.  This New Year I would like to continue working on healthier ways of communicating, avoiding unnecessary fights, and try to destress and get more sleep to avoid the root of the actual problem to begin with.

8) Finding creative ways to save money  – This one is inspired by my grandmother, who had collected only toonies in a jar for one year and had collected over $1000 by the end! In the New Year I am so going to start a Loonie and Toonie jar and see how we do in a year worth time.  It would be awesome to have a bonus for the following year! We could even go another family vacation :)

9) Find time for me – This one is tricky.  As a mother of two, I’m finding that there is very little time for me.  I try to pack as much as I can in one day, and find that as the day progresses I have to cross a lot of things off of my list of things to do, especially time for myself.  I think because I don’t destress as much as I used to, I’m over tired, anxious and to be honest don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. So for the New Year, I would like to try to squeeze more time for me, so that I can feel good about myself and have the energy in me to continue my everyday job of mothering.

10) Don’t delay -  Putting things off has become a consistant habit; Things that need to be done around the house, things that need to bought, put away, written, read…I’m always delaying to do things.  For the New Year I would like to do more and not delay, get what needs to be done and do it right away, so that my list of things to do has less things piled on it, and less stress with it.

Happy New Year to Everyone! What is your New Years Resolution?

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Malvina Beker is a Mom, a teacher, a writer, and a sociologist. She has a Masters degree in Sociology, a Bachelor of Education, and a background in child psychology and development. She has taught high school Family Studies, Parenting and Music courses, and has research experience through interviewing as well as surveys. She is a mother of three children who inspire her the most, and is always excited to share and exchange experiences and opinions with others.
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